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What to Know Before Surfing?

Surfing gives you limitless values and experiences, as long as you doing it the right way. Manage to keep your surf routines more gripping. It would be a massive push to enjoy the sport for a long time. You can not just jump onto a surfboard and ride waves as you wish. You need to focus on key facts as it needs some knowledge on it. Maybe you are a beginner surfer or an expert. Have you ever think about what to know about surfing? But, there are common things to consider before you get on to the board.

Check out the following points that describes what to know before surfing during your surf trip to Sri Lanka.

1. Don’t skip warm-ups

Warm-ups play a crucial role in surfing. It gives more confidence to enjoy waves. However, try to engage with the right warm-ups that helpful for your surf sessions. If you choose a surf holiday package, they will direct you with the proper warm-ups. However, you can find out surf-friendly warm-ups or yoga posses easily to ready yourself physically for sessions.

2. Choose the right spot

Selecting a fitting surf spot is a must, based on your surf skills. Know your skills and the level before you go for surf spots. Get support from someone to get a better understanding of the swell and the reef. Picking up the wrong spot can even affect your safety or you can not enjoy it in your way.

3. Train to hold your breath

Holding your breath is more crucial when you on the waves. The time you hold your breath is the key fact to decide many about your surf skills. Just train it and be confident with it before you go surfing. Once you are confident with your breathing you can get the full joy of every wave you ride.

4. Know your swimming skill

Surfing without swimming skills is a mirage. So, learn to swim or improve your swimming skills before thinking about surfing. When you surfing in a strange surf spot or a country, you are with a lack of understanding about the swell and its nature. Then, you need to be a good swimmer to face these all challenges.

5. Don’t surf alone

Especially when you surfing on a new surf spot, surfing alone may affect your safety. Moreover, surfing is a sport that allows you to refresh yourself while having a thrill. Surfing with friends is the best deal to gain more thrill. It adds a good flavor to the sport and you can enjoy it without bored.

6. Wax your board

Waxing your board is a great deal before you paddling out. There are few things to consider before waxing your board. So, always manage to wax your board in the right way. Otherwise, it gonna be useless. Just focus on the water temperature and select your wax. Getting help from the expert of the surf spot would be better.

7. Check the weather

Don’t try to forecast the weather by yourself. Try to reach a local or trusted weather forecasting website to know how it’s going. Don’t take a risk on strange surf spots. So, better to check it weather report and the wind report before you playing with the waves.

8. Respect the rules/ Culture

Surfing in a different country means a lot. You need to respects their culture and the rules that they believe in. Especially, a cultural country like Sri Lanka, they really mind dresses and all. So, mind what you wear even on the beach. It depends on the location. Just check whether is it good enough to wear in that specific location.

9. Know your surfing level

There are some levels to identify surfers with their skills. Beginner, intermediate & expert are the basic measures. This is more important when you selecting a surf spot & even your surfboard. If you join a surf camp, they will measure your skills and give you proper guidance based on that.

10. Skip overdoing

Everyone knows surfing is better than all that exists. But, maintain a schedule to refrain from overdoing. It will easy to keep your mind and the body attached to the sport. Overdoing will be fed up your body and it ends up your interest in surfing.