A surfer traveling by train during a surf trip in Sri Lanka

Best Ways to Travel During Your Surf Holiday in Sri Lanka

While enjoying waves during your surf holiday, you may need to travel around. Especially in a country like Sri Lanka, you can’t get your attention away from catchy sites. The burning point amongst travelers is how to cover all these things while engaging in your surf sessions. If you need to sort out this, figuring out a good way to travel during your surf holiday in Sri Lanka is a must. There are several ways you can choose to travel inside Sri Lanka. However, it may depend on the area and the pattern of your travel.

We rolled out the best 5 ways to travel during your surf holiday in Sri Lanka.

1 Bus

Busses are one of the major transport options inside the island. You can easily find bus stations in every major and rural town. On the South Coast, you can access most of the main surf beaches by bus. This can be defined as the cheapest way to travel in Sri Lanka. If you are on a budget this could be the most recommended one for you. 

2 Train

Train rides in Sri Lanka are quite famous because of the scenic sites you can catch besides. Anyway, most of the surf spots in Sri Lanka could be covered by trains. Pettah is the central railway station in Sri Lanka. If you need to head to the South Coast you can catch a train from here. However, most surfers love to travel by train to use travel during your surf holiday in Sri Lanka, because of its uniqueness. This can also drop under one of the cheapest ways to travel across Sri Lanka.

3. Tuk Tuk

Tuk-tuks can be defined as the most famous and loved transporting method. This is something you can add an extremely unique experience from Sri Lankan culture. Anyway, this is a bit more expensive than the above-transporting ways. But, you can travel freely while getting some fresh experiences. You’ll note hood racks to bring surfboards on tuk-tuks around surf towns in Sri Lanka. When you travel in between surf spots this way is truly worth you.

4. Rent a Scooter

Renting out scooters now becomes a trend amongst surfers in Sri Lanka. You can explore around the cities as a free-bird in this way. Plus, you can carry on your surfboard along with you. However, if you are on a budget this will cost you more compared to other ways. If you surf around Midigama you can search for scooter rental services around you. There are plenty of scooters and taxi services in Midigama with lower rates. Ask from your surf camp or a local that can trust you and they will direct you to the best services around.

5. Taxi

If you are looking a bit comfy, taxis are the best way to travel. You can find many taxi options from tuk-tuks to vans. Moreover, international taxi services like Uber are available in Sri Lanka. On the other hand, a bunch of local taxi service apps is there and you can get the service at more reliable prices. So, you can take your rides safer and confidently. 

Feel free to enjoy your surf holiday in Sri Lanka with this range of transport options.