Is Sri Lanka Ready to Welcome Surfers?

After a long break, the Sri Lankan government decided to open its doors for international travelers. Sri Lanka ready to welcome surfers and all kinds of travelers to the island. However, Covid cases in Sri Lanka are gradually increasing but simply it’s in a manageable stage comparing to other countries. Considering all these factors government and other responsible parties decided to let travelers inside the country. Anyway, they have implemented some restrictions to follow.

What surfers need to know?

What about the situation for surfers? Well, everything going in a positive line as Sri Lanka ready to welcome surfers at the moment. You can catch waves as you did before on your favorite surf spots in Sri Lanka. The process you would face is slightly different as a result of the situation of this pandemic.

You’ll have to undergo a quarantine period in the decided hotels by the government. Then your negative PCR tests should be in your hands to prove your health. As long as you follow these major steps you can head to your favorite surf destinations inside this magical island Sri Lanka. 

Anyway, you have to follow further steps according to the health authorities. You need to manage to keep yourself away from crowded places while following standard safety measures. If you feel any disabilities, it’s mandatory to isolate yourself in your hotel or hostel room. 

The team at Cheeky Monkey already set you a comfy background with respect to the given safety guidelines. As a responsible surf camp in Sri Lanka, we have entirely put our efforts to give you a better surf experience. We are sanitizing the premise more frequently to ensure the safety of every surfer. Further, your joy of the holiday will not affect by anything as our dedicated surf holiday packages will cover them all.

We would happily and confidently invite you to catch waves with Cheeky Monkey.