Table of surf foods

The Best Surf Foods for Surfers

Maybe you are planning your surf trip for months. From picking up a destination and to packing lists you will have a great focus. Have you thought about your meals during your surf trip? Many surfers abandon this point. Surf-friendly food is the key to have a successful surf trip. There are plenty of ways to fulfill this need as long as you seek it. You can book surf camp packages or accommodation with surf-friendly foods or you can get them by yourself. However, you should definitely focus on surf foods as they give you a lot of energy and strength to ready your body for the continuous sessions.

Here, we going to roll out what is the best surf foods you should go for during your surf trip.

1. Smoothie

Glass of smoothie

Smoothies give you a kick start for the day. In another way, giving you tons of energy for your rides. It’s a light nutrition solution that avoids feeling heavy on your stomach during your sessions. 

2. Milk

Filling a glass of milk

Another interesting way to kick starts your day with. As normally, milk gives you a bunch of nutrition and energy to boost up your performance during your surf sessions. 

3. Cereal

Cereal for surfers

Most common breakfast in many surf camps & surf hostels. This contains a good amount of carbohydrates. It leads to the release of energy over your surf sessions. Great breakfast option for every kind of surfer.

4. Fresh fruits

Bucket of fruits

The best way to get instant energy. The fruit is a major source of nutrition like a carbohydrate. Keep your energy is the most valuable part of your surf trip. Moreover, it has the power to protect your skin and recover faster.

5. Nuts

Plates of nuts

Better as a quick snack & contains a good amount of healthy oils and calories. It helps to store your energy longer during the time on your surfboard. Try to keep a few packets of nuts in your bag when you leaving for the beach.

6. High GI foods

Table of high GI foods

Fast recovery is the key to success surfers. High GI foods really affect your glucose levels. But Hight GI food mostly has a link with health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.  So, watermelons, baked potato chicken breast, etc would be acceptable.

7. Seafood

A dish of seafood

When you are in a tropical country how you could miss delicious seafood. Don’t be afraid to go for seafood as it is totally surf-friendly. It helps you to boost up your digestion with the protein contained.

8. Superfoods


Superfoods like Avocados, Garlic, Blueberries, Goji Berries, Oily Fish, Adzuki Beans, Tomatoes, etc helps to keep your body and mind with the changes that you facing from the changes in weather and water.

9. Brown rice

Black rice

If you select a surf camp in a country like Sri Lanka. Rice is the main meal that they offer you. Brown rice contains a bunch of goodness for surfers. This gives you plenty of proteins to boost up your energy.

10. Pure water

Filling a glass of water

Drinking more water is benefit you in different ways to protect your skin and to have quality sleep. Water affects the health of musicals and performance in a really good way. Always keep a bottle of water in your bag.