Surfing in Sri Lankan surf spots

Tips to Find the Best Surf Spots in Sri Lanka

Packing for a surf trip in Sri Lanka is a great deal as its own dedicated setting for surfing. Surfing in Sri Lanka is a great approach to enter the sport because of its picturesque beginner surf beaches. But, if you are heading to Sri Lanka for the first time, selecting the right surf spot based on your skill level is more challenging. However, this is a major concern that every surfer facing when off to a new surf destination.

Check out our following tips to find out the best surf spots in Sri Lanka, based on important key factors like safety, crowd, and more.

Check the spot with skills

If you are going to surf under the inspection of a surf camp with one of their surf camp packages, you don’t need to worry to find out the best surf spots in Sri Lanka, as they will arrange everything based on your level of surfing. However, if you need to choose your surf spot, focus on your surf level and skills. Surf spots around Midigama & Weligama hold great swells for beginner surfers. After considering the swell of the spot, better to check out the wind. From September to April, surf spots on the South Coast offer a great setting for surfing with all these conditions. If you are searching for April to September, the East Coast would be the best option for you.

Focus on safety 

Another major factor to consider is safety, Doesn’t matter how experienced you are, considering the safety of each of your rides is a must. Surfing in Sri Lanka is a great experience indeed, as it’s stunning beaches surrounded by palm trees. However, considering the level of safety of the surf spots will be a major fact. Overall, Sri Lanka has a set of safe surf spots all over the country. Finding safe surf spots is not more challenging in Sri Lanka. However, when you focus on the best surf spots in Sri Lanka, you can find out the top safest beaches amongst them.

Crowd factor

You may have surfed on well-known crowded surf spots around the world such as Waikiki, Hawaii, Costa Rica, The pass, Byron Bay, Australia. But in Sri Lanka, you may find fewer crowd surf spots at every corner on the South Coast. If you are a fresher to the sport, surf spots around Midigama would be a great option for you. Less crowd stunning beaches offer better swell and less crowd comparing other popular surf spots like Mirissa.

Study about surrounding

When you surf in a country like Sri Lanka or any other strange surf destination, you should be familiar with the surroundings of your surf spots. Find out about the location, like what kind of shops and services around the spot. You can easily get these things through the internet and be ready for everything when you get there. As an example, if you can’t find any cafe or restaurant around the spot you can ready your bags with some food. 

Join a surf camp

You can find plenty of surf camps, especially on the south coast there are a boundless number of surf camps. Joining a good surf camp brings thousands of benefits. If you join a surf camp, you don’t need to worry about the above points anymore. They will manage everything for you based on your skills. As a plus point, you can enjoy every ride with like-minded people and stay together. 

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