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Where to Find The Best Surfboards in Sri Lanka

As a surfer, you may have already searched for the best surfboards in Sri Lanka. A good surfboard is a key factor behind a successful ride. During your surf vacation in Sri Lanka, you may need to grab a good surfboard. It’s a bit confusing as finding your type of surfboard away from your home. But, there are numerous ways on the island to sort out your concern. 

On the South Coast of Sri Lanka, you can find out so many surf spots and surf schools. Before you select your surf camp or the school, think about such emergencies that can be raised suddenly. If you select a good surf camp with many more facilities. The above concern will not give you pressure at all. 

This is why you should pick Cheeky Monkey as your surf camp. We offer you the best surf instructors, a hostel, a restaurant, a fully equipped gym, and a complete surf shop. What else you need for an amazing surf holiday? Further, you can enjoy added activities and the facilities that come along with our packages. 

Cheeky Monkey Surf Shop

Cheeky Monkey surf boards to let at Baba's shop

When you select us as your surf camp in Sri Lanka, you don’t need to search for where to find the best surfboards in Sri Lanka. You are surrounded by everything. Especially our surf shop can be defined as the best surf shop on the South Coast. Moreover, it offers the largest surfboard rent & sale in Midigama

When your board gets damaged, you can get it repaired by our experts or you can go for a new one. You can expand your choices in a large range as we have any kind of surfboards and other equipment that fits every type of surfer. There’s no doubt you are totally backing with this kind of amazing features and the proper guidance