Cheeky Monkey surfers leaving to the Cheeky Monkey surf camp

Why Cheeky Monkey is the Best Surf Camp in Sri Lanka?

Cheeky Monkey is a leading surf camp that boasts hundreds of motives to choose as a surf camp during surf holiday in Sri Lanka. Especially, surf holiday is a perfect deal in a country like Sri Lanka. It sounds like so many experiences and joy inside it. Cheeky Monkey surf camp realizes it well, to offer unbeatable services for the surfers. That is the main key point of persuading surfers towards Cheeky Monkey surf packages. The team at Cheeky Monkey really experienced the culture and the community. They totally deserve enough to offer astound services for surfers. As all, it sounds like Cheeky Monkey surf camp is just like surfers’ powerhouse on the South Coast Sri Lanka.

1. Surf friendly location

Get ready to dip in a further discussion to roll out all the motives need to consider when you book Cheeky Monkey surf camp during your next surf trip in Sri Lanka.

A surf holiday all about beaches and surf spots. Location is the main fact when you picking a surf camp. Cheeky Monkey surf camp based in a surfers paradise. You can easily access to main surf spots on the South Coast in minutes. You don’t need to travel with your surfboard for miles. When you ready for your lessons you can easily jump onto the beach for seconds. But, you need to focus on your surf spot, that you going to have your rides based on your skills and experience. No need to worry about it, Midigama always offering surf spots for every level of surfers to enjoy the sport. It describes all the unique and main values of the location. Definitely, this being a great reason to fill Cheeky Monkey surf camp every season.

2. Strong inspection

When you get onto the surfboard, you need to be monitored by someone, who has expert knowledge on it. Instructors at Cheeky Monkey surf camp, totally up to the point. As the major focus of the surf lessons, improvement of the skills can be defined. This is the spirit and the prior output of a perfect surf camp. As the initial step of the surf lessons, instructors or trainers at the Cheeky Monkey always evaluate surfers’ skills based on their experiences. Then, deciding fitting surf spots, surfboards, and other facts after the process. As a result of that, both parties are with epiphanies about their existing level. This effective way leads to offer valuable surf lessons for every single surfer who joins. Kind of a specific process backing the success story of Cheeky Monkey for attracting surfers.

3. All-inclusive surf packages

You don’t need to worry about anything right after you booking a surf package at Cheeky Monkey surf camp. You will be provided free surf use of surfboards, party night, accommodation, food, free gym use, free Transport to surf spots, and far more interesting features. It can really define as a serious value for your money. In-depth, these features are a must for a surf escape. Surf lessons are not the only thing for a surf trip. In surf camps in Sri Lanka, must offer something more than surf vibes. Based on that belief, surf packages contained a set of features and services to keep up your surf mood till the end. Setting and the culture of our surf camp also deliver fitting assist to make great vibes for you

4. Have fun beyond surfing

Heading for a surf holiday means a lot. The way you enjoy it is key to grabbing long-lasting memories. Cheeky Monkey knows all the ways to lift it up. In the surf hostel, you can engage with plenty of funny and entertaining events, such as games, film nights, party nights, live music, and many more. Surfing during the day is a basic of a surf holiday. Cheeky Monkey knows how to keep you entertaining during the time you stay in the surf hostel. Moreover, this would be an advantage for everyone to expand their knowledge base while adding new friends. Many surfers love this point that offers by surf camps. Sharing experiences and knowing each other during funny games is a great deal. This may effective for your whole surf journey.

5. Value for your money

All the points above describe how Cheeky Monkey forecasting your needs and the efforts have taken to deliver great experiences. Cheeky Monkey surf packages expand from USD 50-USD 300 to fit with your budget. Accommodation options also the same. So, Cheeky Monkey welcomes every kind of surfer to deal with their surf packages. As the additional values beyond surfing and entertaining, yoga and surf-friendly foods play a vital role. The Surf shop at the camp always saves your time and money. Cheeky Monkey surf camp offers free gym, yoga classes, and surf-friendly food with an entertaining background to set your mind and the body for a perfect surf escape. That’s how it becomes a surfing powerhouse. The Cheeky Monkey surf camp is simply amazing and unbeatable.