Girl floating on the surfboard and enjoying the sunset in Sri Lanka

Guide to Plan a Surf Trip in Sri Lanka

The little island surrounded by the Indian ocean. No doubt, Sri Lanka is definitely a surfer’s paradise. Sri Lanka is included in every surfer’s travel list as its weather, scenic beaches, and culture. The South Coast and the East Coast in Sri Lanka home to plenty of surf spots and surf camps that fit every level of surfers. If you are a beginner at surfing in Sri Lanka, you need to consider a few points to reveal how to plan your surf trip perfectly. 

Check the following points to plan a surf trip in Sri Lanka.

Best time to go

You don’t need to worry about targeting surf seasons if you plan a surf trip in Sri Lanka. There is no surf season in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is an island and there are two main coasts on both sides of the country. Arugam Bay on the east coast is ideal for surfing from May to September, while Mirissa, Weligama, and other beaches on the south coast have some good waves from November to April. In between these two seasons. So, you don’t need to worry about catching the surf season, Sri Lanka is ready at any time when you are ready to raise your surfboard. 

What to pack?

Many surfers are searching for a packing list for Sri Lankan surf holiday. Especially in Sri Lanka, you have to face warm weather and warm water around 28°. So, it’s better to get some sun cream and shades into your packing list. A good mosquito repellent should be with you, it will help you to keep away mosquitos. Take some vitamins and necessary medicines that you use frequently. Bringing a power bank will help you to keep your phone active for hours on the beach. You don’t need to worry about surf stuff as you can find a bunch of surf shops around the surf spots in Sri Lanka. However, if you have a preferred brand for surfing stuff, it’s better to bring them. Unless you have to waste your time in surf shops to find them out.

Surf spots to cover

You need to plan what are the surf spots that you are going to cover during your surf holiday in Sri Lanka. Surf camps would guide you to the best surf spots if you focus to stay in a surf camp. Maybe your plan is off to Sri Lanka from September to April, then you can enjoy all surf spots on the South Coast. Choosing the right surf spot depends on the level of surfing and preference. However, on the South Coast, you can jump into a tuk-tuk and cover a range of surf spots in minutes. If you need to have your rides in Arugambay on the East Coast, there are also many surf spots to select based on your skills.

Book your surf accommodation

Before you off to Sri Lanka, booking a surf accommodation would be an advantage for you. This is a must point when you plan a surf trip in Sri Lanka. There are a few tips to consider when you booking surf accommodation. If you plan to join a surf camp your accommodation will no longer be a problem as many surf camps offer accommodation including dorms and private rooms. Maybe you are planning for a surf holiday with your own schedules and choices. In Sri Lanka, you could find so many hotels and villas, fit with every budget plan. However, if you plan for a perfect surf holiday it’s a better way to enjoy the holiday by joining a surf camp or a hostel. You could enjoy every minute with like-minded people while sharing your experiences.

Travel around Sri Lanka

Don’t stick to the beach. Maybe you are for a surf escape but never miss to catch the beauty of Sri Lanka. There are plenty of scenic sights to cover around Sri Lanka. If you have not enough time follow this step to cover places around you. Just plan to cover one or two places near your surf spots after your daily surf sessions. In this way, you could cover countless places once you end all your surf sessions. If you have more time, heading to a hill country would be a great experience, it’s an incredible way to settle down with cold weather right after sunny days.