Surfer surfing near surf accommodation in Sri Lanka

Surf Accommodation Booking Tips

When everything is completed for your next surf escape. Accommodation would be a major concern to solve out. The important fact is, don’t let your surf accommodation ruin your surfing mood and thrill. Booking surf accommodation is a more considerable part of your surf holiday. While you are surfing you may get endless joy, but when you leave from the beach to the place where you stay, keeping the same motive until the next morning is totally up to it. If you looking for surf packages that may offer a surf hostel or any other accommodation solutions for you. But there are few points to consider before you go for it.

Check the following points before booking surf accommodation.

Location & surroundings

The surf accommodation you choose needs to give some impression for surfing by the setting and the location. Better to stay near the beach as it’s easy to travel to the beach. Otherwise, you may have to bring your bags and so many studs to the beach. If you book a place near the beach, you can leave it just with your surfboard. If you select a surf hostel it will be easy to get access to the beach and deal with the community. Don’t focus on surfing when you book a place, figure out what are the restaurants, hospitals, and other necessary places around. It will be an advantage for you.


When you are on a surf holiday, it has different from a typical holiday. Health and fitness are a prior fact for an adventurous holiday. Check what kind of food they offer. Many surf hostels offer surf-friendly foods and diet plans for surfers. But if you seek to stay in a typical hotel or a villa check out what surf-friendly foods are possible to get from. Don’t worry if your place doesn’t serve the foods that you require, check what are the restaurants out there that you can get food from.

Additional Values

Surfing is not totally about the beach and surfboards. There are multiple things behind, that every surfer seeks. If your surf accommodation has enough scope to offer these things for you, it’s a blessing. As an example, yoga sessions or classes are necessary for great slides. It will allow you to set your mind and the body to take your slides. Moreover, surf shops, surf-friendly restaurants, and bars are the additional values that everyone is looking for. Find a surf camp or a hostel that offers all of these things as it will be a massive support to feel the full joy of your holiday.


Plan your budget before looking for surf accommodation. If you are on a budget, surf hostels offer dorms and budget rooms based on the budget. However, if you are to spend more than the line choosing a luxury hotel or a villa is great. As a budget surfer, if you are selected to go for a surf hostel that offers many surf-friendly services will be an advantage. However, there are so many accommodation options for every budget level, the budget will not be a barrier to enjoy a great surf escape.


Surf is just about water, every surfer loves to lose themselves in a party crowd with music. Don’t let your surf accommodation be a barrier to your thrill. This is the main benefit if you go for a surf hostel, parties, games, and live music are more frequent in vibrant surf hostels. If you are not interested, you may take a private place that lets you enjoy a full party mood to chill with your buddies. 

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