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How to Select the Best Surf Camp during your surf holiday?

It’s a blessing to have an incredible surf experience on the splendid surf spots in unbelievably warm water. Sri Lanka is popular among beginner surfers as well as intermediates and experts. When you raise yourself a question like, how to select the best surf camp to elevate your surf adventure. You’ll be abandoned amoung hundreds of choices. Most beginner surfers tend to initiate their sport in Sri Lanka, as the beginner-friendly surf spot setting in Sri Lanka. However, if you need to enjoy your surf trip, gathering new experiences plus skills, joining a surf camp is a popular tip.

A range of surf camps offers different surf packages and far more additional values. Maybe you are in a doubt about how to select the best surf camp for you. Check out the following points to consider before selecting a perfect atmosphere for your next surf adventure. Don’t let your wrong choices ruin your surf escape.

Check rates on your budget

The budget is the prior fact before you select the best surf camp. You can easily find hundreds of surf camps in Sri Lanka that offer a range of surf packages for different rates. Check the value that you can get for your spendings. Don’t spend your money on surf camps that you can’t get reliable outback. However, it is possible to find numerous reliable surf packages from the surf camps on the South and East Coast in Sri Lanka. 

Type of accommodation

Choosing the right kind of surf accommodation leads to a thrilling surf experience. When you are off to the surf hostel or hotel that you selected, that place should offer enough impressions to set your mood for the next day’s sessions. We recommend you to stay in a surf camp hostel as it’s all about the community. If you are with your friends there are multiple choices to go for, from dorms to private rooms. Surf hostels have the scope to give you enough surf vibes even away from the beach. Focus on whether your surf camp offers accommodation before booking the place.

What more they offer

The surf camp is not just for repeating surf lessons. If your surf camp has the right point of view about the sport, there are plenty of things to offer beyond the line. Yoga lessons, every surfer cherishes to set their body and mind for surfing. If your surf camp offers morning yoga lessons, that’s a great added value for your surf holiday. In further, reputed and leading surf camps offer dedicated restaurants that offer healthy and surf-friendly food. Consider these unique values that are offered by the surf camps. By considering all these facts together, you can have a good answer for your question, How to Select the best Surf Camp during your surf holiday.

Focus on the location

Where do you most prefer to jump for a surf holiday in Sri Lanka? Yes, there are so many choices. If you consider why you should choose Sri Lanka for surfing, these stunning surf locations would be the major reason. This is the reason to add this point to our checklist. If you have any specific surf spot that you love, it’s better to find a surf camp around that surf spot. If you need to explore new surf spots with proper guidance, you could search for a surf camp around your expected surf location. But, if you select a surf camp on the South Coast, you can easily cover multiple popular surf spots in minutes.

Check the reviews

Surfer check his phone for reviews

Maybe your surf camp fits with all of the points above, but still, you are not ready to place your booking. Check the feedback and reviews of what surfers have dropped. Find out all the negatives as well as positives at the same time. You may make a decision after considering all the things together. However, if you are to select a leading surf camp, you don’t need to worry about reviews.