Areal view of a Surf beach in Sri Lanka

Why You Should Choose Sri Lanka for Surfing?

Sri Lanka is a totally incredible surf destination, If you are an experienced surfer you may have a bunch of surfing experiences in surf destinations all around the world. But any surf destination has not enough beauty to challenge stunning surf spots in little surf paradise, Sri Lanka. Beautiful beaches are just not the fact. Sri Lanka offers plenty of reasons including budget surf packages to pack your bags for a surf escape in Sri Lanka.

Figure out what are the major reasons to surf in Sri Lanka during your next surf holiday.

Stunning Surf Spots

Especially, on the South Coast of Sri Lanka, you will find plenty of stunning beaches and surf spots for every mile. Most of these spots tend to get crowds as the setting of nature with palm trees. You may be happy to know about the surf breaks around these top surf beaches in Sri Lanka. Swell and the other facts are really great for having a ride for every level of surfer. If you are an advanced surfer who seeks challenging brakes that aren’t usually that crowded, you don’t need to worry about surfing in Sri Lanka filled with them all. Don’t miss enjoying the sport in these inspiring surf spots in Sri Lanka.


Surfing in a blessed island like Sri Lanka as it has two opposite coasts, which means that it receives swell from different directions all year round. Because of that each coast has its own surf season. Sri Lanka offers great weather as well as swell and offshore winds. You can enjoy surfing in Sri Lanka throughout the year. If you plan a surf vacation on the South Coast, November to March is the best surf season, while the East Coast opens gates to surfers, April to September. Doesn’t matter what the time is if you are seeking a surf holiday in Sri Lanka, as it offers the best surf weather conditions for surfing all around the year.


When you are heading for a surf holiday, It doesn’t mean to surf all the time and stick to the beach. When you land in this small paradise filled with picturesque islands. You can’t just stay behind your surfboard. When you get a break from your rides, you can enjoy thousands of famous locations around your surf spots in Sri Lanka. As an example, if you are surfing in Midigama or any other surf spot on the South Coast, jump into a tuk-tuk, then you can easily cover all the locations on the South Coast including historical Galle Fort and far more.


Surf vibes in Sri Lanka are very laid-back, not only on the beach. When you go back to your surf camp or the surf hostel. You may think all the fun may end up until the sun rises the next day. Beyond typical surfing, Sri Lanka brings ultimate surf experience with the touches from its culture. Party mood is always on in every surf hostel or restaurant at night. Feel the boundless music and foodie experience. Lose yourself among the crazy funny surfers and enjoy the community with a bucket of good vibes.


Most surfers care about their budget when they plan out a surf escape. In Sri Lanka, surfers can get the best deals compared to other countries. Plenty of surf camps and surf hostels in Sri Lanka offering budget surf packages for very reliable rates. This is a great deal to get more knowledge and experience even for lower rates. If you are not interested in joining a surf camp, there are many cheap restaurants and hotels that offer budget accommodation and food. In further, Sri Lanka spreads a range of mouthwatering street foods. With these, all points surfing on the budget is not challenging in Sri Lanka.