Areal view of a surf beach in Sri Lanka

Top Surf Beaches in Sri Lanka

Surfing in Sri Lanka is a next-level experience for all kinds of surfers. Beaches in Sri Lanka set the perfect background to have striking slides. Immerse yourself in an incredible surf experience in the warm water. If you are to initiate the sport, Sri Lankan beaches offer enough space for you. In every aspect, Sri Lanka proves that it is the best surf destination with its surf beaches and surf schools. Sri Lanka offers many reasons to choose Sri Lanka for surfing. When you are to plan your surf escape, there are multiple things to consider. Among them, searching for the top surf beaches in Sri Lanka is a must. 

We have rounded up the top surf beaches in Sri Lanka,

Midigama Beach

Midigama Beach is a laid-back and quiet beach situated on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Surf town packed with surf shops, restaurants, surf schools, surf hostels, and far more. Therefore, you could easily catch a surf school or a surf camp that boats all these facilities. Midigama is less popular than Mirissa and Weligama beaches but still, it offers great swell. If you prefer to avoid the crowd or have a relaxing slide, Midigama Beach is the best option for you. Midigama beach offers water activities such as swimming and snorkeling beyond surfing. When focusing on surfing, Coconut, Plantation Point, Rams, Lazy Left, and Lazy Right are the main five surf spots in Midigama. All these surf spots located closer, you can travel through them in a few minutes.

Weligama Beach

One of the top surf beaches in Sri Lanka. Surfers head directly to Weligama beach to find out their most cherished surf brakes. Weligama beach offers beginner-friendly brakes during the surf season, from September to April. A range of surf camps has been located near Weligama. You can easily catch boundless great waves around the early morning. Many lefts and rights that appear at different tides the best swell from the southwest. Enjoy the sunset while sliding on the waves in Weligama. The advanced surfers also can enjoy each ride on the Weligama beach. 

Mirissa Beach

A crescent-shaped stunning sandy beach in Sri Lanka. Palm trees around the beach add further sparkle to the beach and surroundings. Ideal for surfing a low power right-hander over a reef break near the rocks and a left-hander near the harbor. If you are a beginner surfer or intimidate, seeking to build your skills on a reef, Midigama is the best option for you. Mirissa beach is more popular among advanced surfers because of the rocky reefs. Mirissa offers both left and right-handers in the bay. If you are a skilled surfer this is the best option for you. Palm trees and sandy beaches will immerse your mind into a tropical escape.

Hikkaduwa Beach

The nearest surf beach from Colombo, Hikkaduwa is more popular for the party atmosphere. If you seek to have great vibes Hikkaduwa is a power pack for you. Hikka, what people called in short for this party village. Surfing in Hikkaduwa has a long history. Bennys, Main Reef, North Jetty, and Beach Break are the major surf spots you can find in Hikkaduwa. Hikkaduwa is mostly good for experienced surfers. Surf spots like Bennys offer waves over 6 ft. Most surfers love to surf in the main reef as it’s suitable for both right and left-handers over a deeper reef. Don’t worry if you are a beginner, there is something for everyone in Hikka. Beach Break is there to welcome all the beginners with a safe shore and reef break.

Arugambay Beach

Contains five main surf spots called Elephant Rock, Baby Point, Main Point, Pottuvil, and Whisky Point. If you are heading to Sri Lanka from April to September, which is considered the offseason for the South Coast. You can enjoy great rides with perfect weather settings with dry skies. Elephant Rock is better for beginner surfers but there is a challenge to climb a rock to get on the spot. After you get on you may feel the worth of all efforts you made to climb. Probably, Elephant Rock is the most stunning surf spot in Arugambay. Baby Point is also good for surfers who initiate the sport as its name. However, among advanced surfers, Main Point is more popular. Potuwil and Whiskey points are also good for experienced surfers and sometimes get crowded.