A surfer walking on the beach with his surfboard

5 Simple Fitness Tips for surfers

Fitness is the secret behind every successful surfer in the world. No one can get on to a surfboard without thinking about their fitness. It’s that important for your surfing life. Many surfers think about their fitness only in the surfing season. This is the most challenge that every surf school instructor and surf school packages in Sri Lanka facing. It’s a bit hard to manage surfers with that habit as the instructors in the surf schools. If you think about your surfing skills, you need to follow up with a gentle and constant fitness plan to be more confident when you are on the surfboard. It will help you to enjoy the sport and your surf holiday without any concerns. Fitness tips for surfers can improve their skills and the thrill of the sport.

Moreover, fitness plays an amazing role in surfing. You can recover faster and perform well without limitations. As a surfer, you must consider these points in depth. Maybe you are busy with daily life and your professional life. But, you can keep a simple fitness plan that you can easily manage even on your working days. Let us roll out 5 simple fitness tips for surfers that can boost up your fitness level and surfing performance.

1. Do simple exercises daily

A surfer doing daily workouts at home

Sometimes, your workload and personal routines be a barrier to join a gym. But, you can do a few home workouts in the morning or the evening as you preferred. This is enough to keep your physical health and body confidence. It also keeps away the bad experiences that you get from broken exercising patterns.

2. Focus on your food

Healthy food for surfers

This is one of the major tips amongst fitness tips for surfers. Keeping junk food away from you would be a great habit for your surfing sessions. Many surfers just manage their surf-friendly food habits in the surf school. This will not enough to have a better surf experience. Think always about your body and eat surf-friendly foods as long as you can.

3. Sleep is important

A Surfer sleeping

Don’t neglect your sleep at any time. It’s more crucial for your health. Sleep is the best refreshment for your body and mind. Try to sleep at least 6 hours per day to avoid many fitness issues.  As a good surfer, you need to practice this habit every day. Many surf schools advise their surfers to never ignore their sleep time.

4.  Drink more water

A surfer drinking water

Drinking water is a really simple task that we can do for our health and fitness. Water is the best treatment for our skin and it also improves flexibility. As a surfer, you can get damaged skin from the sun rays at any time during your surf holiday. If you’ve managed to drink more water as a habit you can keep these things away.

5. Mental health is the key

A surfer doing yoga on the beach

Focusing only on physical health is not a good deal for a surfer. Mental health has a similar role to play during surfing. Try to keep your mental health in a good way by doing yoga, meditation, or any other simple mind-healing activities. You will really proud of having a better surfing performance end of the day with these simple fitness tips.