Beginner surfer following beginner surf tips

Surf Tips for Beginner Surfers in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the first choice of beginner surfers for its unique and stunning beginner-friendly beach setting. Choosing Sri Lanka as your first surf destination is an interesting deal. Beginner-friendly surf spots in Sri Lanka have the strength of attracting surfers to the sport. Beginner surf tips are a must consider when you heading to this kind of beginner-friendly surf destination. You may able to gather up hundreds of good impressions from Sri Lanka’s surfing culture. In Sri Lanka, you can find dedicated surf towns like Midigama and which pushes you to a well-focused surf holiday. Moreover, surf camps also guide surfers with their expert knowledge. No doubt, Sri Lanka is perfectly deserved as your first surf holiday destination.

However, focus on the following beginner surf tips that we rolling out to ensure the goodness of your very first surf holiday experience. 

1. Pick a good surf camp

Surfer surfing in a surf camp, Sri Lanka

A good surf camp offers you tons of benefits. Let a good surf instructor guide you during your surf holiday in Sri Lanka. It opens doors to have a great impression and confidence as a beginner surfer. Learn basics well and it will always beside you in your surf life. So, choosing an experienced & professional surf camp is more important.

2. Good surf accommodation is the key

Bedroom in a surf hostel

This is one of the major beginner surf tips that you need to focus on. Have you ever thought bad surf accommodation is enough to ruin your whole surf holiday? This is another key point that most surfers neglect. Don’t take your surf accommodation easy. Find out good surf accommodation to retain your surf spirit over the holiday. Thinking about surf camp accommodation is perfect for a beginner. It will help you to engage with surf culture and more. 

3. Go for a big surfboard

A girl on the beach with a big surfboard

Jump on to a shorter or smaller surfboard is not a good habit for a beginner surfer. First, you should focus on improving fundamentals. So, bigger surfboards help you to develop your fundamentals while catching more waves. Especially in Sri Lankan surf spots going with a big surfboard is a better option for beginners.

4. Study the spot

A surfer on the beach and looking at the waves

Before you leave the beach, study the surroundings and the nature of waves. As you are a beginner in a new surf destination, this is more crucial. This assists your body and mind to set with the surf spot. Then, you will have more confidence with the surf spots and easy to enjoy your session without any hesitation.

5. Know your skill

Surfer surfing in Sri Lanka

As a beginner, this is a must point that you should focus on. Don’t underestimate your skills as a surfer even you are a beginner. Be confident enough about your skills. But, never push yourself to be overconfident in your skills. It will affect your joy and interaction with the sport. Perfectly realize your accurate level of skills.

6. Focus on your fitness

A girl doing her workouts before surfing

Fitness is the key to performance while you are riding waves. Indeed, your fitness decides how far you going to enjoy your surf sessions. Engage with suitable stretches and workouts before you leave the beach. Yoga also a great option and many surf camps use yoga to warm up their surfers. So, no matter what the way you do it, just think about your fitness. 

7. Think about your food

surf food on a table

Manage to get surf-friendly foods during your surf holiday. Performance and fitness are totally based on what you eat. In a country like Sri Lanka, you may see a lot of delicious dishes that your mind chasing behind. However, think about the main goal of your holiday. Always fill your pockets with surf-friendly foods and drink more water.

8. Surf constantly

Surfer surfing in a rough sea

Amongst beginner surf tips, this is something you can’t neglect. When you are on a surf holiday, surfing should be the main thing you cover. As a beginner make this a rule. During your first surf holiday, you may feel a bit of discomfort with the body stretches. But, constantly surfing will make your body and the mind fit with the sport. End of the holiday your body is totally up to surfing.

9. Travel around

Surfer travelling with his backpack

Sri Lanka totally filled with the most beautiful sights. How can you manage to just focus on the beach? It’s a bit challenging, after your surf sessions you can easily visit the beautiful places around your surf camp or the surf spot. If you choose the south coast of Sri Lanka as your surf holiday destination there are hundreds of places you can cover within minutes.

10. Celebrate improvements

Surfer enjoy waves in Sri Lanka

Surfing is another word for pleasure. Why don’t you celebrate your happy moments? As a beginner surfer, this is the massive thing you’ve to earn at the end of your surf holiday in Sri Lanka. Don’t take your foot backward to share your happy moments with your friends around. Keep this in your mind, you are a beginner just once, these celebrations will be a long last in your surf life.

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