A surfer enjoying waves in Midigama

Why Surfing in Midigama?

On the South Coast of Sri Lanka, there are hundreds of surf spots including the most famous Weligama, Hikkaduwa, and Midigama surf spots. How to select the best surf spot for you? It’s more crucial before you get on to your surfboard. When you think about an enjoyable surf vacation, your surf spot definitely should be fit with your skills and preferences. Choosing your surf spot or the location you surf need to decide in the first phase of your holiday. Anyway, when you look around for a surf spot you could be abandoned amongst many choices. To keep away all these doubts, it’s always good to select a surf spot that has something for everyone. It’s the point and the answer for why surfing in Midigama?

Midigama is a powerpack for any kind of surfer in the world. This small surf town filled with every single facility and service that surfers really need. The culture of Midigama is mainly backed by surfing. Surf camps, hostels, surf-friendly restaurants, surf shops, and far more services are there to set your background for a perfect surf escape.

Here we rolled out five major reasons for why surfing in Midigama, Sri Lanka.

Surf Spots

Midigama is home to plenty of surf spots. You can travel between surf spots with few steps. It’s that friendly for surf spots. This can identify as the major benefit that you can get from surfing in Midigama. When you surf in one spot, you can change your surf spot within a few minutes. There’s a surf spot for every type of surfer. Doesn’t matter if you are an expert, intermediate, or beginner surfer. Midigama offers surf spots for everyone. Some surf spots in Midigama are totally dedicated to expert surfers. But many from the rest fit for beginner and intermediate surfers.


The culture of Midigama is quite different from the other cities in Sri Lanka. Surfing is the main motivation behind this wondrous culture. Surfers named Midigama as a hidden surf town in Sri Lanka. Every part of the town is filled with surf-related things. The most special thing is restaurants and the accommodations also mostly dedicated to surfers. So, the prices and the style of the food are all going in a surfers’ way. Tuk-tuks are the most inspiring transport option inside the town. As a result of this surf culture, many tuk-tuks can be noted with customized hood racks for carrying surfboards. 


Basically, you get everything that a surfer needs in your days in Midigama. Surf camps and schools can be found in every inch throughout the town. Expert instructors and well-prepared surf sessions are the most attractive part of this town. You can find out plenty of surf packages from the various surf schools. However, every surf camp in Midigama strictly focuses on uplifting your surfing skills. Moreover, surfer-friendly restaurants serve you the best healthy foods during the day to boost your surf sessions. From the surf shops in Midigama, you’ll not fail to find anything that you need. Main surf shops like Cheeky Monkey (Baba’s surf shop) offer you great services as surfboard repair in Midigama

Friendly people

Locals and other surfers in the town are truely helpful at all. They will guide you with accurate information. Sometimes, you may need help from locals during your surf holiday in Midigama. Don’t be hesitate to build up a conversation with locals around you. They also feed by this surfing culture. They have good knowledge about the swell and the climate changes. As the culture of surfing everyone you meet in there is really cool. You can build new friends and buddy surfers during the holiday. 

Attractive sights

As we believe, we don’t want to waste words to describe the beauty of Sri Lanka. It’s that stunning and inspiring. When you surfing on wonderful surf spots on this island. Sticking just into surfing is miss you a lot. Endless sights and tourist-friendly places around there that you can enjoy. As an example world famous Galle Fort is just away few minutes from Midigama. You can jump into a tuk-tuk and cover a bunch of places just in one ride. Further, next to Midigama you can find many more famous surf spots like Weligama. So, there is nothing you can miss up.