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Why Surfing in Midigama?

On the South Coast of Sri Lanka, there are hundreds of surf spots including the most famous Weligama, Hikkaduwa, and Midigama surf spots. How to select the best surf spot for you? It’s more crucial before you get on to your surfboard. When you think about an enjoyable surf vacation, your surf spot definitely should […]

Where to Find The Best Surfboards in Sri Lanka

As a surfer, you may have already searched for the best surfboards in Sri Lanka. A good surfboard is a key factor behind a successful ride. During your surf vacation in Sri Lanka, you may need to grab a good surfboard. It’s a bit confusing as finding your type of surfboard away from your home. […]

Is Sri Lanka Ready to Welcome Surfers?

After a long break, the Sri Lankan government decided to open its doors for international travelers. Sri Lanka ready to welcome surfers and all kinds of travelers to the island. However, Covid cases in Sri Lanka are gradually increasing but simply it’s in a manageable stage comparing to other countries. Considering all these factors government […]

Best Ways to Travel During Your Surf Holiday in Sri Lanka

While enjoying waves during your surf holiday, you may need to travel around. Especially in a country like Sri Lanka, you can’t get your attention away from catchy sites. The burning point amongst travelers is how to cover all these things while engaging in your surf sessions. If you need to sort out this, figuring […]

5 Easy Tips to Improve Your Surfing Skills

Surfing is a sport where you learn something every day. Even if you are an expert surfer you can experience new things in every single ride. That’s why surfers believe that they won’t catch the same wave ever again. Every single wave you ride is important and you can learn a bunch of things through […]

Top 5 Restaurants in Midigama for Surfers

Midigama is home to amazing foodie vibes. Surf culture in Midigama has expanded in every corner of this little town. It constantly adds a great flavor to its restaurants as well. Restaurants in Midigama are mostly packed with the essence of surfing. When you head for a surf holiday in Midigama you can’t miss out […]

Tips to Stay Positive During Your Surf Trip

Surfing has a clear bond with your mind and feelings. When you are off on a surf holiday, keeping your mind positive is a must. Totally, it’ll decide the joy of your entire holiday. Many surfers lose the essence of surfing during their surf holiday. Retaining your surfing mood is necessary to have a great […]

5 Simple Fitness Tips for surfers

Fitness is the secret behind every successful surfer in the world. No one can get on to a surfboard without thinking about their fitness. It’s that important for your surfing life. Many surfers think about their fitness only in the surfing season. This is the most challenge that every surf school instructor and surf school […]

Benefits of Staying in a Surf Camp

Surf Accommodation is a major concern that every surfer facing when they’re up to a surf holiday in a fresh surf destination. Most surfers tend to choose their surf accommodation from their surf camp. Picking up a surf hostel or any surf accommodation option offered by a surf camp brings multiple benefits. So, you need […]

Surf Tips for Beginner Surfers in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the first choice of beginner surfers for its unique and stunning beginner-friendly beach setting. Choosing Sri Lanka as your first surf destination is an interesting deal. Beginner-friendly surf spots in Sri Lanka have the strength of attracting surfers to the sport. Beginner surf tips are a must consider when you heading to […]

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