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Benefits of Staying in a Surf Camp

Surf Accommodation is a major concern that every surfer facing when they’re up to a surf holiday in a fresh surf destination. Most surfers tend to choose their surf accommodation from their surf camp. Picking up a surf hostel or any surf accommodation option offered by a surf camp brings multiple benefits. So, you need to realize, what are the major benefits of a surf camp before you looking for it. Grab the best accommodation option to ensure the thrill of your surf holiday in Sri Lanka. Let us keep your eye on the best and the most important benefits that you going to have from a surf camp accommodation. 

Here we going to roll out the major benefits of a surf camp during your surf holiday.

1. Helps to stay focus

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Focus on surfing is a must to retain your surf mood all over your surf holiday. Surf Packages include so many features to keep you in the right mood. When you choose a surf hostel as your surf accommodation, it allows you to engage with a bunch of surf-related activities even away from the beach. 

2. Surf friendly atmosphere

Surfers enjoying waves

The capability to stay in the right atmosphere leads you to keep your surfing attitudes always in your pocket. When you choose to stay in a typical hotel or a villa, you will lose the spirit of your surf holiday, once you left the beach. So, choosing a surf camp accommodation will keep your surfing spirit during your holiday with its fitting facilities for surfers.

3. Easy to keep your stuff

Surfboards stored in a surf camp Sri Lanka

In dedicated surf accommodations in the surf camps, they always arrange specific locations and lockers to keep your stuff safe. This can raise as one of the major benefits, amongst benefits of a surf camp. As an example, they will provide you with surfboard holders and private lockers with keys to keep your stuff in a clean way. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about your stuff anymore.

4. Budget-friendly

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Many surf camps offer their surf packages including hostel or accommodation charges. So, it will reduce your cost insanely, as you don’t need to spend on accommodation or food separately. Moreover, if you are to surf with your friends you can get shared bedrooms or doms as your preference.

5. Surf friendly food

Surf friendly food on the table

Why you waste your time thinking about surf-friendly foods? Let your surf camp handle them all. Most of the surf camps provide better food captions that help with your surf routines. Surf camps know how they should treat their surfers to perform well on the waves. They will offer you the best surf-friendly food during your meals.

6. Yoga sessions

A surfer doing yoga before surfing

Everyone knows the importance of yoga for surfing. In surf camps, they offer morning surf sessions for every surfer to maintaining their surf routines in a better way. This pushes you to meet your talents with more confidence on the beach. Also, a good yoga session is a great way to warm up your body for surfing.

7. Free transport to the surf spots

A tuk-tuk on the beach

Surf camp accommodation giving benefits for you even from transporting. Most of the surf camp packages include free transport to the surf spots. This can consider as a major benefit. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about traveling with your surfboard or paying more money for your transport.

8. Surf parties & games

Surf party in a surf camp in Sri Lanka

Surf, sleep, & surf kind of bored when you are to spend a surf vacation for 7 days. You need to have a change from this consistent routine. Surf camp accommodation filled with many interesting featured to keep away boredom from you. Surf parties and hostel games are more fun and keep your mood without blowing.

9. Free surf equipment to use

Surf boards for free use for the surfers

It’s useless to pay extra money to rent out surf equipment, If you are staying at a surf camp you can get them free to use. Otherwise, you may have to bother in surf shops to rent out surfboards. It’s really interesting to stay in a surf camp accommodation as this benefit.

10. Engage with the community

Surfers enjoying with the surf camp friends on the beach

Surf camp hostel is just like a surfing university, You can be around like-minded expert people on the sport. So, you can engage with them and sharing experiences. This is a great way to improve your knowledge and make reasons to love the sport. All these benefits always around when you choosing a surf camp or a surf hostel as your surf accommodation in Sri Lanka.